Working together with your team

Osterholt Consulting adds value to your business by leveraging their expert skills in Resource Geology, Geostatistics and Business Improvement. Services offered to clients working in or for the natural resources sector are;

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We are convinced optimal results can be achieved only through collaboration in a diverse team. The style of collaboration varies from project to project and, depending on what you require for your project we can support you on various levels; we provide the fresh pair of eyes to assess your challenges from a new perspective, the expertise that complements your team, the extra pair of hands to get a job done.

Delivering the best possible solution for your business means we go a step further when defining a project, analysing your business and understanding the context so we can deploy our expertise in the right direction. We use stakeholder alignment and problem framing to ensure our approaches and products suit your planning needs and provide the information you require for your business decision.

Mining Services
Description of our services to the Exploration and Mining Industry
Osterholt Consulting brochure mining EN.
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