Building useful models

models with different resolution and detail

As statistician George Box pointed out, "Essentially, all model are wrong but some are useful".  At Osterholt Consulting we aim at generating the simplest model that is still useful in your business context whether that be a global resource estimate, an estimated two- or three-dimensional block model, or a model that describes spatial variability realistically or captures local uncertainty.

We provide resource modelling services including data quality review, geological modelling and estimation of grade and physical parameters. We compile and analyse your reconciliation data to identify any enhancement opportunities for the resource and grade control models.

Supporting your risk assessments, we offer probabilistic modelling based on team-driven range analysis and on numerical Monte Carlo approaches including conditional simulation techniques. Conditional simulation studies are also offered for modelling supply chain variability and potential bottlenecks.

Modelling approaches:

  • Geology wireframe models
  • Geology range analysis scenarios
  • Probabilistic geology models (Indicator Simulation, Truncated (Pluri-)Gaussian Simulation, Multiple-Point Simulation)
  • Linear estimation techniques (Simple/Ordinary Kriging, IDW)
  • Non-linear estimation techniques (Uniform Conditioning, Multiple Indicator Kriging)
  • Probabilistic grade models (Sequential Gaussian Simulation, Direct Block Simulation)