Technology Transfer

The innovation cycle suffers from the so called "valley of death", the period of high investment typically required to advance a prototype to a product generating revenues. This results in high innovation failure rates which is also undesirble for the target industry as it robs future customers of possible innovation benefits.

At Osterholt Consulting we address these challenges by early engagement between stakeholders, communicating industry problems to innovators, strenghtening the technology business case through constructive questioning. We leverage our broad industry network for finding partners  and supporting market entry.

R&D Phase

For innovation in the concept to prototype stage we provide insight into mining industry challenges thus guiding R&D efforts towards a relevant mining industry business case.

Utilising our industry network we also support search for R&D industry partners.


You have developed technology to an advanced level or you are interested in adapting your technology as a solution for the mining industry? We help you building and communicating a consistent business case to potential partners and support you market entry.


Problems looking for a solution? We provide technology brokering services tailored to requirements and constraints.